Clijster wins Australian Open

Kim Clijsters ended the historic run of Li Na by defeating her 3-6, 6-3, 63 in the final of Australian Open.

Here’s a few note during interview that I think you may like the funny side
of Li Na.

Q. Can you talk about the third set.

NA LI: Third set? I lose the third set (laughter).

Q. Semis last year; finals this year; next year you win?

NA LI: I wish. If I’m not retired (laughter).
Q. What went through your mind when they presented you with the trophy?

NA LI: Little bit big.  Yeah, because before I saw the TV, I was thinking
maybe like this big (indicating small).  But today they give me, it was like
this big (indicating large).  If I take the trophy, maybe they couldn’t see my

Q. Can you clarify what you said about your husband at the end of the game?

NA LI: Because I was making a lot of joke for him.  I say doesn’t matter you
are fat or skinny, handsome or ugly, I always follow him, always love him.

Q. Kim’s coach once promised to shave his hair if she won a Grand Slam. Was
there any promise by your coach or husband if you had won this one?

NA LI: Everything is his. So like prize money, always his. He can do whatever he want. Yeah, I will take credit card, but is nothing.  He was totally control, so… (Laughter).

Q. Have you always been somebody that is a stand up comedian, as we would
say, funny?

NA LI: This is the real one.  I’m not fake.

Q. You mean that’s your style?

NA LI: Thank you. So keep going.


Kim Clijsters  interview

Q. Will you be back to defend the title next year?

KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, I hope so.

Q. You had a great speech after the win. It was funny and well said. I’d like
to know if you had to think much before when you started, or it came out like

KIM CLIJSTERS: No, it just comes out.

Q. The Aussie Kim was just like that?

KIM CLIJSTERS: Yeah, yeah. Actually, I forgot to thank my doctor.  I feel
really bad about that. ‘Cause, yeah, I mean, he’s helped me out a lot.  I’ve
had a lot of problem with my feet and blisters, so I kind of regret that.  So
I was like, I wish I could do it over and just add him.  But, no, everything, there’s nothing prepared at all. I just, yeah.

Q. Will you be wearing green for the rest of the year in the Grand Slams?

KIM CLIJSTERS: No, no. There’s some more, some new and different outfits  coming, but that will bring a lot of people’s memories back to some ex Fila players.

pics by AO


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