Dementieva announces retirement

After a long weekend vacation without internet and you know trying to catch up tennis news I was surprise to find out that Elena has retired wow I didn’t have a clue.  She will be missed by tennis fans, as I was really rooting for her every time she plays.

"This year in Doha was very special for me because it was my last tournament."

Beijing Olympics in 2008

BTW . . . she has a great year I mean 12 years playing tennis and still she is Top 9 in the world not to forget she won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and for the huge achievement.

“I never wanted to wait until my ranking dropped and I’m not going to be able to go to the main draw,” Dementieva said.  “I always wanted to leave this sport with a passion for it.  Tennis has been such a big part of my life, and always will be.”

Dementieva has been ranked in the top 20 since April 2003 peaking at No. 3 in singles and No. 5 in doubles.

“They were very surprised,” she said. “I was really looking for some support. I think nobody was really happy about it, maybe except my boyfriend.”

“To be honest with you,” she added, “I mean, if I would be a man I would never stop playing. But at the age 29, I have to think about something else. I think I’m ready for a big change in my life.”

We are all surprised by announcement but we wish you Good Luck.


Elena with mom and longtime coach Vera

see vids here

Elena and the rest ...

pics by getty and wta …


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