Murray into final

“It was really important because I don’t want to say the match was slipping away from me, but the momentum was definitely with him,” Murray said. Really? ... what momentum? (just kidding) until second set maybe ... you won dude.

Andy Murray recovered to win the semifinal 3-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2 against Croatia’s Marin Cilic and reach his second Grand Slam final.

" Well, I mean, in the end I'm, of course, a little bit sad because of the final result. But overall I played beginning of the match very good, and with that part I was really pleased. "

At least there’s a consolation . . . having a fan (Croatian) walking onto court just to shake you hand.

That's it . . . get what you come for . . . before Security officials, escorted you off

Q. Did you have somebody come up to you out of the stands and shake your hand?
MARIN CILIC: I think the fan got excited and he wanted to shake my hand, so… I gave him a present.
Q. What did you give him?
MARIN CILIC: Nothing. I shook his hand.
Q. He had a Croatian jumper on.
MARIN CILIC: Right, he was happy.

Common people . . . he only wanted to have a shake hand.

Fast facts

– Cilic hit six double faults to Murray’s one.

– Cilic produced 54 unforced errors to Murray’s 29.

– Murray capitalised on five of 16 break point chances, while Cilic converted three of nine.

– The win was Murray’s fourth over Cilic in five meetings

…………………. wait I just couldn’t help it (lolz) I need to post how he looks like.

Croatian fan

012810 /  Australian Open


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