Serena avoid upset, as she move into semis

Screaming . . . what is all about? Just celebrating after winning the second set. Yeah you’re right SECOND SET. She needed that thou after 0-4 down against Azarenka you know I’ll kind of stop what I’m doing (if I am doing something . . . LOLz), to concentrate watching the game. I really . . . really thought that she going to loss but in the END oh will she WIN. Let see if she win Australian Open title back - to - back as we all know when Serena goes into semis (AO) she ultimately bag the Title.

fall down . . .

plays backhand . . . hmmm

backhand for her . . .

forehand . . . wait for the return 🙂

air forehand return . . .

Serena reacts after point . . .

Azarenka leaps into the air as she plays a forehand return. It seems the air return doesn't help her at all.

Serena backhand return . . . hahaha . . . hmmm bla bla bla.

The point is Serena Williams has survived a major upset, what she needed to do?  will she has produced a remarkable fightback for a set and 4-0 down, which Azarenka dominated the early exchange of the second set by managing 22 winners in the second set.

After that . . . it seem that she has back (wherever she go) rounded out the match 6-2 in the final set,   against Victoria Azarenka 4-6, 7-6 (4), 6-2.

She will meet China’s Li Na for a place in the final.

012710 /  Australian Open


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