Rezai wins @ Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions, Bartoli retires

Bali 110809 - Rezai 1


Bali 110809 - Rezai - Bartoli

Aravane Rezai became the first winner of the Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions when Marion Bartoli retired after losing the opening set 7-5.

Bali 110809 - Rezai - Bartoli 1


Bali 110809 - Rezai

"It’s a big surprise to finish like that and I’m very sorry for her," said Rezai, "She looks like she hurt a lot and I hope it is not a big injury.

Bali - 110809 Bartoli


Bali 110809 - Bartoli 2

"It was a good match and I’m very sad to finish like this. The last thing you want to do is injury yourself in the last match of the season. But what can you do? I was trying my best and perhaps it was just too much."

Bali 110809 - Bartoli 1

op-seeded Marion Bartoli retired from the final with a thigh injury after losing the first set 7-5.

110809 / Commonwealth Bank Tournament of Champions





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