Dementieva interview @ Wimbledon semis


This is a very good match both player really fight.

Dementieva interview after the match.

Q. Is it a match you thought on merit you should have won?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, I think it was a very close match, and I think we both were playing very well today. It was a good fight.

Actually, I feel very satisfied the way I was playing today. The only regret I have, maybe I should take a little bit more risk on match point, should go down the line.

But overall it was a good match.

Q. I don’t know if you discussed the match point, but were you thinking about going down the line on the passing shot?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: You know, I’m disappointed with the shot because I’m very surprised I didn’t go down the line. Because, I mean, passing shot, this is my favorite shot to make. And, I mean, maybe it was too quick, so I didn’t see she was moving to cover cross‑court, you know.

She was very close to the net. I mean, down the line or even lob would work. But, I mean, it’s a game, you know. It was too quick.

Q. How is your spirit after two successive semifinals and losing to a Williams sister, getting so close?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: It’s still here (smiling). I think, you know, last year I was a little bit more nervous than today, and I couldn’t really play my game against Venus. I did fight in the second set. It was a close, 7‑6.

But today from the beginning I was very positive. I mean, I knew exactly what to expect from her. We played lots of matches before, so I was ready to play. I was ready to fight.

And, like I said, overall it was a good match.

. Is it any consolation that you’ve taken part in one of the great Wimbledon semifinals, longest ladies semifinals, or is your heart breaking inside?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I mean, what can I say? It was a close match, you know. I feel disappointing, but I’m glad that I was playing some good tennis on Centre Court.

Q. You cracked the serve pretty well today. You must have been pleased with that aspect of your performance.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Yes, I think it was a big difference to play with this kind of serve. I think the percentage of the first serve was quite good today. She was in trouble sometimes. She couldn’t really return as well as she does usually.

So, yeah, it was a different game because of the serve, as well.

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about how you rehabilitated the serve.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: It’s a long process. I cannot tell in a few words right now (smiling).

Q. Who did you primarily work with?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: I work with my mom.

Q. You spoke beautifully the other day on how people are surprised you work to improve your game. Is this kind of moment why you work? Do you still, in your heart, feel you can win a slam in addition to the gold medal?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, I think only by playing these kind of matches you can improve, you know, because this is the players that I want to beat, to win a Grand Slam. And, you know, you have this experience playing very close match against Serena, I think it’s very positive.

So I’m gonna watch this match again. I’m gonna take some positive, you know, things from it and go forward.

For complete interview here


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