Zvonareva interview after the match against Safina


Q. Looked like a very tight match. What was the difference between your game and Dinara’s?

VERA ZVONAREVA: I think Dinara was more consistent today than I was. I think she did serve better than I did, so it made the difference.

Q. There were a lot of breakpoints and breaks. Was it difficult out there?

VERA ZVONAREVA: Yeah, I think it was very difficult. I think the conditions were totally different from previous matches. I think I’m a player who needs lots of time to get used to the conditions.

I really felt it was a little bit faster. I felt like, well, we were playing indoors, so it was different. I couldn’t really find my rhythm.

I felt like I was ‑‑ the level of my game was a little bit back, like in the beginning of the tournament.

Q. Your first Grand Slam semifinal. Looking forward, what do you take out of today’s match and the tournament generally?

VERA ZVONAREVA: There is always something to take out of my matches, and especially such an experience as the semifinal of a Grand Slam. I’m sure there are lots of things to take out. It’s just too close from the match right now. I’m still a little bit in the match.

For sure I will take some ‑‑ there are probably some bad things about my match today, but there are probably some good things from this tournament. I’m looking forward for the next one.

Q. Do you prefer the indoor conditions to the outdoor conditions?

VERA ZVONAREVA: I think I’m an all‑surface, all‑court player. I really can play anywhere. I’m a player, like I said, who needs time to adjust to the new conditions.

I would prefer to play a match or two ‑‑ I could never play my best tennis in the first match of the tournament. It’s impossible, probably like lots of other players. So I felt like I was a little bit off the rhythm today, and it was a little bit different for me.

But, well, the same conditions for both of us. Well, that’s it.

Q. Did you have a chance to practice indoors before your match today?

VERA ZVONAREVA: I jumped on the Rod Laver for like ten minutes. I got the chance ten minutes today a little bit. Otherwise, no chance.

I had to warm up a little bit in the bubble in the indoor courts. It’s obviously a very big difference.

Q. Looking back on this tournament, are you satisfied with your performance?

VERA ZVONAREVA: Well, if you look at it overall, it’s my first Grand Slam semifinal. I should be satisfied. Like I said, there are so many things I wish I could have done in this match. I really felt that the level of tennis that I was able to show even in the previous match was much, much better. So I’m a little bit disappointed about that.

But, well, I’m looking forward to the next tournament.

Q. When you were talking about different things you could have done, do you think, for example, maybe slice shots because she doesn’t like that very much?

VERA ZVONAREVA: You know, I think I knew what I had to do, but I think we were playing quite fast and aggressive tennis today. It was very difficult to execute those shots. The moments I really felt like I was making the wrong decisions, I would realize it during the shot, but it is already too late to change it.

I really felt there were moments and there were some points where I had chances and I didn’t make the right shots.

So today, compared to maybe my previous match where I was making the right decisions in the right time.

Q. What about your game do you think could improve and see you in more Grand Slam semifinals or perhaps moving on to finals in the future?

VERA ZVONAREVA: I hope. But I’m going to work, because I think everyone is working very hard and everyone is improving. That’s what I have to do. I think there are lots of things that I can improve.

But I’m pretty confident. I believe in myself. Every time I’m coming for the tournament, I’m coming to win it. Obviously doesn’t happen all the time. I just need to keep up the good work.

Q. No Fed Cup for you next week?

VERA ZVONAREVA: I don’t think so, no.

012909 thursday /info-photo via Australian Open / Getty Images


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