Suarez Navarro interview after the match against Dementieva


Q. Was the heat a problem today?

CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: No. No was a problem.

But today was difficult to play.

Q. Were you nervous at the start?

CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Yes, yes, a little bit.

Q. You seemed to have a very difficult time when you this breakpoints. You didn’t convert very many of them. The one game that went to deuce 11 times, if you would have won that game you would have been right in the match, but you failed to convert like five breakpoints.

CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: Yeah, I have a lot of breakpoints, and I don’t won ‑‑

THE INTERPRETER: And she didn’t win any.

CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO: It was difficult to won any match like this, no?

012809 wednesday /info-photo via Australian Open / Getty Images


4 Responses to “Suarez Navarro interview after the match against Dementieva”

  1. Karl Theo Says:

    Ever since watching Carla Suarez Navarro in the quarter finals vs Jankovic at the French open 2008, I have a renewed interest in the tennis of my youth! There is something about Carla’s playing, I could not turn the TV off at 3 oclock in the early morning here on the U.S.eastcoast. Even though Carla lost the match, I had this feeling that I have seen the future of women’s tennis, Her name is Carla Suarez Navarro!!!

  2. Karl Theo Says:

    Ofcourse you maybe wondering how anyone can make such a statement at this point in time in view of Carla’s struggle at Wimbledon, however, My Statement about Carla’s future still stands!!!

  3. Karl Theo Says:

    I am not sure exactly why, but I have reason to believe that Carla Suarez Navarro was under extreme preasure to have given the game to Peer Day 4 of the US Open, I was there and watched the entire match, it is the only explaination for Carla’s playing, of course it is possible that she may have had a Bad Headache at the time. Make no mistake Carla is still my very favorite in Tennis and I am certain that she will come out on top in the end! Love you Carla!

  4. Actor Karl Theo Says:

    The Peer match was packed with Israeli’s who kept loudly chanting for Peer, so me being one of the few Carla fans had to try to get a rally going for Carla, I hope I was not more of a distraction to her rather than a voice of support. Thinking about it now, perhaps the loss could have been due to the effects of the antibiotic Carla may have had to take because of the abcess tooth that caused her to pull out of the Pilot Pen, which was a big disappointment for me, being that I live only an hour from New Haven. You can be sure that I will be at the Pilot next Summer to see Spain’s Cinderella!!! Keep positive Carla,You are a Great in the Making!!!

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