Ana Ivanovic Off-season training



Check out Ana Ivanovic Off-season training, on what she says on her blog . . . 

I’ve been training in Spain for the past two weeks. I bought a holiday home in Mallorca. It’s a very quiet and peaceful area, so it’s a perfect place to train and relax. I have always liked Mallorca: I used to come here to train when I was 15.

I will continue to live in Switzerland, but this gives me another option for training, especially in the winter when you can practise outdoors.

My cousin visited me when I moved in, which was very nice. The neighbours have been very friendly too.

My first week of training was mainly conditioning work, but I had a light hit a few times. Even though the focus has been fitness work, it’s important to slowly work yourself back into a rhythm on the court. It’s also good for your hands, otherwise you can get blisters if you go from not playing at all for two weeks, to intense hitting. 

I am now training hard on the court too. I have a hitting partner here with me.

I watched one of the best films I’ve ever seen recently: The Kite Runner. I cried so much afterwards. I really recommend this movie.

I’m looking forward to the new season. My goal is to win another Grand Slam.




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