Ana Ivanovic is on the cover of Regio Aktuell magazine in Switzerland


Ana is on the cover of the November issue of Regio Aktuell magazine in Switzerland. The following is a translated extract from the interview with Dominique Zahnd:

Regio: Why do you live here?
Ana: I came to Basel because of a sponsor. At the time I was 13.The tennis facilities were simply better than in Serbia. That is why I stayed. My coach was from here, and the offices of my management are in Basel. I love the city. It is so peaceful and quiet. It is easy for me for live here; I am able to relax.

Regio: Which are your favourite nightclubs in Basel?
Ana: I haven’t been to any! I’m not really a party girl. I was never really drunk. And I dance so badly! My friends always laugh at me for that! When I have some free time I prefer to have dinner with my family, or to invite friends to my home and talk through the night.

Regio: What kind of support did your parents offer to your career?
Ana: Very strong. I had lessons as a child. I was five when I got my first racket and I trained in Belgrade in an empty swimming pool. But it was only when I was 12 that we realized that I had the chance to become a professional.

Regio: Today, you are a role model for many. Who were your idols as a kid, and what about today?
Ana: Monica Seles. Today, I am myself a professional tennis player, so I don’t look to other tennis players. Of course I respect my competitors, but they are not role models. Although I guess there may be one – Roger Federer.

Regio: How would you describe your relationship with Federer?
Ana: I love watching him. His strokes are fascinating. I have met Roger a few times, he is very nice. I’ve even interviewed him – for the Tennis Channel.

Regio: What advice would you give to those trying to reach the top?
Ana: The most important thing is that that they love tennis. And that they feel passionately about it and always want to improve. If this is the case then training is a lot easier. Also, as a player you need to have a good team around you.

Regio: What is the peak of your career so far?
Ana: My victory at the French Open in May. I not only won my first Grand Slam tournament, but I also reached No.1 at the same time. I was in the clouds for days afterwards!

Info and Photo from AnaSite


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