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I found this article (Full Stories) much interesting about the season ending No. 1 ranking.

This is the best explanation you can find why Jelena Jankovic deserve to be the TOP spot.


Jelena Jankovic captured the season ending No. 1 ranking last week without winning a Grand Slam title, much to the surprise of many tennis fans.

But does the hardworking Serbian really deserve the top spot?

The season-ending No. 1 ranking has generally been recognized as an accomplishment awarded only to the most consistent player of the year. For the first time since Lindsay Davenport in 2005, a player will finish in the top spot without winning a Grand Slam in that calendar year. But unlike Davenport three years past, Jankovic has yet to win a career Grand Slam title.

Twelve months ago, everyone expected a new year filled with continued dominance by Justine Henin. But Henin knocked the tennis world off its groove by retiring in May. After Henin requested to have her name removed from the charts, the No. 1 ranking bounced around like a hot potato before resting in the hands of the most unlikely of contenders, Jelena Jankovic.

But on closer inspection is Jankovic actually an unlikely contender? Her resume is glaringly devoid of a major title, but does that matter right now?


But match win/loss records do count significantly toward the
season-ending ranking, something that Jelena Jankovic aced in 2008.

Regular season match records:
Venus Williams: 35-11
Serena Williams: 43-7
Jelena Jankovic: 63-17

Ironically, Jankovic will end the regular season with nearly twice
as many wins as Wimbledon champion Venus Williams and only six more

With these facts—and the shortcomings of the four major champions—in mind, Jankovic’s record stands up proudly.

Serena, Venus, and Maria could not have possibly finished the year
at No. 1 based upon their injuries and calendar choices, and Ana
Ivanovic could barely string three wins together for much of the summer.

Only one woman has the credentials worthy of the season-ending No. 1
ranking, and the computer was accurate when it determined Jankovic as
the number one player in the world for 2008.

Being the last woman left standing after a grueling year of
competition is an achievement in itself, and one that makes Jelena
Jankovic the only woman who deserved to end the season as No. 1.


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